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Give Me a Minute

Give Me a Minute

Life gets busier each day and so many people are needing our attention but all you feel life saying is, “Can you give me a minute!” In today’s fast paced craziness… I can tell so many people are feeling this way. So much is pulling for their attention that they are not giving themselves room to have down time… or time with God. It’s a constant feeling like they will never catch up with their work or even get the bare necessities done… like buying groceries or getting the next bill paid on time.

With the lack of time comes the lack of getting things done. Then you start forgetting your responsibilities and start breaking commitments. This cycle is no fun and gets pretty stressful.

Craziness of Life

This feeling of life controlling me and demanding for my time is something I use to feel on a regular bases. Ryan and I got married about 20 years ago. We got married while we were still in college with full schedules that demanded all of our time. We were full time students, with full time jobs, volunteering in the church with whatever spare time we had leftover. Soon after college we bought a house. I started teaching as a full time music teacher, Ryan worked full time at Home Depot and we continued to take on more responsibilities at the church. Four years after being married, we had our first child, Joel. This is when life got pretty crazy.

We were living the life. Right? Not really. We had no spare time and started to fall into the craziness of feeling like we could never get on top of things. Soon we were drowning in the craziness of life and so much seemed to be falling apart.

Slowing Down

Then an opportunity came for us to move to the Texas Hill Country and we jumped on it! We loved visiting the hill country when we would visit Ryan’s parents. It was so beautiful and peaceful. It was so nice to get out of the everyday busyness of life and to just stop and rest. So yeah… we were pretty excited about moving to the hill country. I remember when I was praying one evening, the Lord made it pretty clear to me that life was going to change.

No more living life with too much on our plate. We were going to take control of our life and not let the busyness of life take control of us. That’s exactly what happened. We down sized to a one bedroom home and cut back considerably on our responsibilities. We were determined to enjoy life and to have more time with Joel. We wanted to live life to the fullest!

Plan Your Day

I am so thankful! I am enjoying life homeschooling our three kids and doing the things I love. I no longer feel the overwhelming pressures of life. I make sure to give my time to God first thing in the morning and then to my family. Everything else fits in when I have the time. Not the other way around. I didn’t use to be a planner but now I make sure that I plan out my day so I am able to use my time wisely. I also definitely make sure that I give myself some “me time” too. Gotta have that!

If you ever need some advice on how to take back your life… contact us. We would be happy to help you find your groove. Life is meant to be loved!