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Living Life with Freedom and Joy

Living Life with Freedom and Joy

God created an amazing world full of so many beautiful people. Those lives where purposed to live with freedom and joy and not in a constant cycle of feeling sorrow and pain. The past few years have been hard with the hit of COVID and the human lives that this virus took has been devastating. It is understandable to have so many going through hardship and grief right now. The good news is that this downward cycle of heartache can be stopped with some patience, love and understanding. I listed below what a person needs in their life to help them develop a life full of freedom and joy.

How to have a Joyful Life

  • Have a relationship with Jesus Christ (Prayer and reading the Word of God) 
  • Be who God has called you to be (Ask and listen)
  • Give thanks to God for all things (Make a list and be grateful)
  • Do everything without grumbling or arguing (Find joy in the suffering, see things through the eyes of Jesus) (Philippians 2:13-15)
  • Rejoice in the Lord (Praise Him for what He has given you) 
  • Do only what the Father has you to do (You will have peace when it is the will of God)

Steps to Finding Peace

Are you dealing with anxiety and depression? Why? You need to ask yourself this question and ask the Lord to help you discover why you are dealing with these emotions. So much joy and peace is lost because of these joy stealers. I have listed below on how to find peace.

  1. Read the Bible & Pray
    • Read it with your heart (James 1:22-25)
    • Pray continually, rejoice and be thankful  (Thessalonians 5:16-18) 
  2. Take your thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)
    • What emotions am I having with these thoughts and why
    • Wrong teaching leads to wrong thinking, which leads to disobedience to Jesus
    • Understanding the true knowledge of God leads to right thinking, which leads to obedience to Jesus
    • Think only on the things of God (Philippians 4:8)
    • Pray that the Lord gives you direction on HOW to stop your negative thoughts and make them obedient to Him (Are you listening and watching things that are evil or against the will of God? If yes, STOP!)
  3. Talk to someone you trust and have them pray with you
    • Husband / Wife
    • Friend
    • Counselor, Spiritual Leader or Personal Coach
  4. Do the next RIGHT thing
    • When fear, loneliness, grief or anxiety creep into your life, try honing your focus on doing the next right thing 
    • The next thing will lead to the next thing 
  5. Rest (Spirit, Body and Soul)
    • Make it apart of your rhythm of life 
    • Rest is not just sleep but a mind that is free
    • Do something that fills your love tank (watch a movie, read a book, visit with friends, craft or create something)
  6. Leave it to God
    • The outcome that you have no control of is in God’s hands